Entry #1

Coming Soon

2008-03-20 08:40:44 by spyroiscool

I'm working a Flash music video AND a new song.


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2008-03-20 13:19:42

Spyro is my favorite character ever... =D


2008-05-04 10:16:53

whats it called and i hope ur gonna make a new collection

(Updated ) spyroiscool responds:

I've abandoned making the flash movie but I'll still keep putting audio in the portal !


2008-05-06 18:59:40

i hate spro his game are to hard anyways hope you make your mucic soon i like it!!!!!!!!

spyroiscool responds:

I have put Spyro remixes in the Audio Portal Check them out!


2008-06-27 15:31:33

Spyro , Crash , Dante , Jak, Daxter , Ratcheet , Clank Rules best characters ever!
Make a some remake of spyro meybe 1 part : )


2008-08-31 01:33:29

spyro rocks